About Us

Creating things for others to enjoy has always been my passion.  With a love of food, people and entertaining bringing all three together in a relaxing environment seems like the natural thing to do.  Many know me for my catering services, Blessed Occasions Catering. Creative Juices is a leap of faith as I allow myself to trust God as He seeks to do a new thing in my life.

Whether you think you are a natural born artist or just like to dabble, you will discover your own abilities as nothing you ever create will ever be incorrect. You are the creator. We seek to be a blessing to the individual as well as the community. We plan to offer theme nights which will allow you to connect with family and friends in an enjoyable stress free, fun, and energetic atmosphere. We hope to offer that “special vibe” that allows you to feel welcomed, to kick back, relax, and enjoy. Painting allows for one to express him or herself using the mind and soul to connect with the canvas and the brush.  With each stroke you will feel the stress of the day fade away and the rejuvenation that comes from creating your own masterpiece. Come share with me as we renew our minds together.

Jacquelyn Ezell – affectionately known as “Jackie”, Owner.

Meet our Instructors

Aubrey Horton (AC).  I’m a 27 year old self-taught artist born in Memphis, TN. I have always had a love for all forms of artistic expression. I’m a singer, music producer, writer, painter and sketch artist. I began painting in middle school and took a liking to it. I love the peaceful and calming nature of painting and would more than love to share that feeling with others.

Thomas Spurlock is a native of the Mississippi Delta. He earned his Bachelor’s degree of Arts with a concentration in photography in 2010. He believes that education is not confined to classrooms, and that most experiences in life are an opportunity to learn.

“When I paint I feel in complete control of what can be created.  My paintings outside of portraits seem to point toward what I think life should be like. Conversely, when I photograph something the image created is a product of all the circumstances involved in making it, so in my opinion, my photographs are documents of the way life really is.”